Age of Empires – Rise of Rome

Age of Empires was made in 1997 and the first game Microsoft produced (with Ensemble Studios) that became a big hit. The AI of the computer players where, for that time, very advanced. The game later featured an expansion, with a couple of new units and scenario’s. Later, the Age of Empires Gold Edition came available, which included both games. In contrast to other RTS games, Age of Empires featured only the same units for all civilizations, with some exceptions and bonusses for each team. There are no unique units for each civ.

These tables show you information about all units in Age of Empires and the expansion Rise of Rome. You can find health, cost, armor, range and damage statistics here. The damage per second (DPS) is also calculated. P. Armor is piercing armor. This means it reduces damage from archers and missile attacks. “Time” is the build time in seconds. Remember: when archers attack from higher ground. they have a 25% chance of doing triple damage!

Unit Type HP Food Gold Wood ArmorP. ArmorTimeDamageRateDPSRangeSpeed Other
Villager Villager 2550 2031.52.011.10
Villager (Wheel&Jihad) Villager 6550 20101.56.712.10 -8 carry capacity
Clubman Infantry 4050 2731.52.011.20
Axeman Infantry 5050 2751.53.311.20
Short Swordsman Infantry 603515 1 2771.54.711.20
Broad Swordsman Infantry 703515 1 2791.56.011.20
Long Swordsman Infantry 803515 2 27111.57.311.20
Legion Infantry 1603515 2 27131.58.711.20
Hoplite Infantry 1206040 5 36171.511.310.90
Phalanx Infantry 1206040 7 36201.513.310.90
Centurion Infantry 1606040 8 36301.520.010.90
Scout Cavalry 60100 3030.93.312.00 wide vision
Cavalry Cavalry 1507080 4081.36.212.00 +5 dmg. vs. infantry
Heavy Cavalry Cavalry 1507080 1140101.37.712.00 +5 dmg. vs. infantry
Cataphract Cavalry 1807080 3140121.39.212.00 +5 dmg. vs. infantry
Chariot Cavalry 10040 60 4071.45.012.00 resist conversion; 2x attack on priest
War Elephant Cavalry 60017040 5015115.010.90 small damage area
Bowman Archer3540 20 3031.42.151.20
Improved Bowman Archer404020 3041.42.961.20
Composite Bowman Archer454020 3051.43.671.20
Chariot Archer Archer7040 70 4041.52.772.00 resist conversion; 3x attack on priest
Elephant Archer Archer60018060 5051.53.370.90
Horse Archer Archer605070 24071.54.772.20
Heavy Horse Archer Archer905070 24081.55.372.50
StoneThrower Siege 75 80180 6050510.0100.80 small damage area
Catapult Siege 75 80180 6050510.0120.80 medium damage area
Heavy Catapult Siege 150 80180 6060512.0130.80 large damage area
Ballista Missile 55 80100 5040313.390.80
Helepolis Missile 55 80100 50401.526.7100.80
Scout Ship Missile 120 135 3051.43.651.80
War Galley Missile 160 135 3081.55.361.80
Trireme Missile 200 135 301226.071.80
Catapult Trireme Siege 120 75135 453557.091.40 small damage area
Juggernaut Siege 200 75135 453557.0101.40 medium damage area
Priest Priest 25 125 50000.0100.80
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