Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game. The game has different characters with their own unique abilities and also different weapons. The weapons can be classified as shotguns, assault rifles, light machine games, sub machine guns, sniper rifles and pistols. Below you can find damage and other statistics of each gun in Apex Legends. You can hold your mouse over the column name to see an explanation.

Last update – June 7, 2020.

IconWeaponTypeRankingAmmoMag. SizeFire ModesTactical ReloadFull ReloadDamage bodyDamage headDamage legFire rateDPSAttachmentsProjectile SpeedDraw TimeMovement speed ADS
VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle 3 Heavy 20 Auto / Single 2.43.1193814.2510190 Optic, Stock, Mag 260000.60.5
Havoc Assault Rifle 3 Energy 32 Auto / Single 3.23.2183613.511.2201.6 Optic, Stock, Hop-up 305000.60.5
Hemlok Assault Rifle 2 Heavy 18 Burst 3 / Single 2.42.8224416.58.2180 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel 275000.60.5
R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle 4 Light 18 Auto / Single 2.43.2142810.513.5189 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel 290000.60.5
Devotion LMG 4 Special54 Auto 2.83.63173412.7515255-335000.70.41
Spitfire LMG 2 Heavy 35 Auto 2.83.33183614.49162 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel 275000.70.41
RE 45 Auto Pistol 2 Light 16 Auto 1.51.951217.4510.813143 Optic, Mag, Barrel 195000.250.95
P2020 Pistol 1 Light 10 Single 1.251.251319.511.78.5110.5Optic, Mag, Hop-up185000.251
Wingman Pistol 4 Heavy 5 Single 2.12.1459040.52.6117 Optic, Mag, Hop-up 180000.251
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun 2 Shells8 Auto 2.753639050.42126Optic, Bolt, Hop-Up160000.450.91
Mastiff Shotgun 5 Shells6 Single 1.031.71041301041104Optic, Bolt120000.450.91
Mozambique Shotgun 1 Shells3 Single 2.12.6456640.52.299Optic, Bolt, Hop-Up100000.451
Peacekeeper Shotgun 3 Special5 Single 2.453.35110165881.11122.22-160000.450.91
Alternator SMG 2 Light 19 Auto 1.92.231522.51210150 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel 195000.350.86
Prowler SMG 3 Heavy 20 Burst 5 22.61522.51220122.78 Optic, Stock, Mag, Hop-up 180000.350.86
R-99 SMG 4 Light 20 Auto 1.82.451116.58.818198 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel 210000.350.86
Kraber .50 CAL Sniper 5 Special4 Single 3.24.3145297.251160.47145 - 295001.20.36
Longbow DMR Sniper 3 Sniper5 Single 2.663.6655115.5441.371.5 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel, Hop-up 305000.90.36
Triple Take Sniper 2 Sniper5 Single 2.63.4234620.71.2586.25Optic, Stock, Mag, Hop-up320000.90.36
G7 Scout Assault Rifle4 Light 10 Single 2.43346830.64136 Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel, Hop-up 315000.60.5
Charge RifleSniper3 Sniper4Single3.63.6455640.50.731.5Optic, StockHitscan0.60.36
L-STARLMG4 EnergyAuto3.263.26183614.410180Optic, Stock180000.41
SentinelSniper3 Sniper4Single2.53.670631400.5770Optic, Stock, Mag305000.90.36
30-30 RepeaterAssault Rifle Heavy 6Single0.330.3342-5774-100 (1.75x)32-43 (0.75x)98Optic, Stock, Mag280000.5-65%
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