Here you can find statistics for Starcraft, including the expansion Brood War. A short description for every column you can find by hovering over the column name. Towers such as the Photon Cannon have a detection range of 7. Mobile detectors such as the Science Vessel have a detection range of 11. This is independent of sight range. There are three different attack types:

E = Explosive Attack (50% damage to Small 75% damage to Medium , full damage to Large).
C = Concussive/Plasma damage Attack (50% damage to Medium 25% damage to Large).
S = Splash damage, which affects all units in the blast area.

Other notes:

B = Biological
D = Unit can Detect Cloaked/Burrowed units
SA = Unit has one or more Special Abilities (is a spell-caster)
T = Transport
W = Worker

UnitRaceSizeBuild TimeArmorHPShieldTotalGround AttackTypeCooldownUpgradeAir AttackTypeCooldownUpgradeRangeSightNotes
BattlecruiserTerranL64003001603500-50025 30325 303611SA
DropshipTerranL2100100501150-1500 -00 -008T
FirebatTerranS1502524150-5016cs2220 22227B
GoliathTerranL210050401125-12512 22120e22458-
MarineTerranS150024040-406 1516 15147B
Missile TurretTerranL0750300200-2000 15020e150711D
Science VesselTerranL2100225801200-2000 -00 -0010D,SA
SCVTerranS150020060-605 1500 15017B,W
Siege Tank (Siege)TerranL2150100501150-15070es7550 7551210-
Siege Tank (Tank)TerranL2150100501150-15030e3730 373710-
VultureTerranM275030080-8020c3020 30258SA
WraithTerranL2150100600120-1208 30120e22257SA
MedicTerranS1502530160-600 -00 -009B,SA
ValkyrieTerranL3250125602200-2000 6416es64168-
CarrierProtossL635025014043001504506 -16 -1811-
High TemplarProtossS2501505004040800 -00 -007B,SA
ObserverProtossS125754004020600 -00 -009D
Photon CannonProtossL0150050010010020020 22020 220711D
ProbeProtossS15002002020405 2200 22018W
ReaverProtossL420010070010080180100s6000 600810-
ScoutProtossL32751258001501002508 30128e22248-
ShuttleProtossL2200060180601400 -00 -008T
ZealotProtossS210004011006016016 2220 22217B
CorsairProtossM2150100401100801800 815es8159SA
Dark ArchonProtossL4250200201252002250 -00 -0010SA
Dark TemplarProtossS2125100501804012040 3030 30317B
BroodlingZergS0000030-304 1510 15115B
DefilerZergM25015050180-800 -00 -0010B,SA
DroneZergS150020040-405 2200 22017B,W
EggZergL000010200-2000 -00 -004-
GuardianZergL2150200402150-15020 3020 302811B
Infested TerranZergS11005040060-60500es-00 -015B
LarvaZergS00001025-250 -00 -004-
MutaliskZergS2100100400120-1209 3019 30137B
OverlordZergL01000400200-2000 -00 -009D,B,T
QueenZergM2100100500120-1200 -00 -0010B,SA
ScourgeZergS0.5123830025-250 -0110 -015B
Spore ColonyZergL01750200400-4000 15015 150710D
Sunken ColonyZergL01750202300-30040e3200 320710-
UltraliskZergL4200200601400-40020 1530 15317B
ZerglingZergS0.525028035-355 810 8115B
DevourerZergL2250150402250-2500 100225e1002610B
LurkerZergM2200200401125-12520s3720 37268B
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