Dune 2

Dune II, one of the first RTS games ever. Although there are not much statistics available, there is plenty of interesting data. Also, take note about the following things:

  • You can’t make more than 25 vehicles with the production facility. Use a Starport instead.
  • There can’t be more than a total of 75 structures on the whole map.
  • You can’t control Carryalls or Ornithopters. They will automatically do, what they think is best.
  • You can destroy Ornithopters with Rocket Turrets.
  • Sonic Tanks have a bug in them, related to the game speed. The faster you put the game speed, the more range they get. At fast/fastest they outrange Missile Launchers.
  • Use vehicles to run over infantry!
HarvesterAll300Medium32--Spice Recovery Vehicle
MCVAll900Medium36--Base Deployment Vehicle
Light InfantryAtreides, Ordos60 / 100Light59mm RP Assault RiflesCloseGround Based Militairy Units
Heavy TroopersHarkonnen, Ordos100 / 200Light1210mm Rotary Cannons, FS RocketsCloseGround Based Militairy Units
TrikeAtreides150Light72Dual 20mm cannonsCloseLight Recon/Strike Vehicle
QuadAll200Light59Dual 30mm cannonsCloseLight Attack Vehicle
Combat TankAll300Medium40155mm gunCloseMedium Battle Tank
Rocket TankAtreides, Harkonnen450Medium48Missile LauncherFarBattlefield Support Vehicle
Siege TankAll600Heavy32Dual 155mm cannonsMediumMain Battle Tank
CarryallAll800Light160--Airborne Unit
OrnithopterAtreides, Ordos600Light340Battle Support RocketsCloseClose Support Attack Aircraft
Sand Worm- Heavy56Mouth-Creature of Dune
FremenAtreides-Light1710mm Assault Rifles/RocketsCloseGround Based Militairy Units
Sonic TankAtreides600Medium44Sonic AmplifierFarAdvanced Battle Tank
DeviatorOrdos750Medium48Missile LauncherFarBattlefield Support Vehicle
RaiderOrdos150Light90Dual 20mm cannonsCloseQuick Strike Vehicle
SaboteurOrdos-Light12UnknownCloseEspionage Unit
Death HandHarkonnen---H355 HS Cluster Bomb-Battlefield Support Missile
DevastatorHarkonnen800Heavy20Dual 190mm gunsMediumAdvanced Battle Tank
Sardaukar--Light15ClassifiedCloseGround Based Militairy Units
TurretAll?Heavy-105mm cannonMediumGround Based Turret
Rocket TurretAll?Heavy-105mm cannon/Twin Missile LaunchersMedium / FarGround Based Turret
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