Warcraft 2

The data for this game isn’t shocking, basically because the differences between Orc and Humans is very small. Damage per second calculations aren’t really necessary because of that and also, Warcraft II damage is calculated in a rather difficult way. This table shows the name of the unit, hit points, costs (gold & wood), armor, damage, range and build time (in seconds). The game also has an expansion, but that didn’t feature new units (except heroes) or changed stats.

Basically, the game is very balanced between Orcs and Humans. All units are actually the same, except one exception and spells/upgrades. Death Knight has one more range than the Mage. Elven Rangers can do 3 more hit points worth of damage with an upgrade, and the Troll Berzerkers can heal themselves (slowly) with an upgrade. There are no price differences between the Orc and Human units, only in Blacksmith upgrades. For the Humans it’s 800 gold, 2400 Gold for offensive upgrades in the Blacksmith while for the Orcs it’s 500 Gold 100 lumber, 1500 gold, and 300 Lumber. So Human offensive upgrades are more Gold intensive, which can be handy on a few maps where there is more Gold than Lumber. Orc offensive upgrades are more of a mix between Gold and Lumber which some people like better. Biggest difference in spell is Bloodlusted Ogres that do three times the damage of a fully upgraded Paladin. Bloodlusted Ogres can also quickly and easily break their way into enemy defenses and destroy Towers. Paladins receive Healing but this can often only help them after a battle is finished. Most people agree Orcs Bloodlust is better, but skill is more important. If the game ends before Fortress/Castle, than race doesn’t even matter.

Damage is calculated a little difficult in Warcraft. In-game you ususally see two numbers, like 1-9. This means the damage of this unit will roughly be between 1 and 9. Actually the game randomly chooses if the unit does half or full damage. The first number is the minimum damage the unit will do with a half attack (whatever the armor of the other unit) and 9 is the maximum damage that can be done with a full attack if the other unit has no armor

RaceUnitHPManaGoldWoodOilArmorPop.SightSpeedDamageP. DamageRangeBuild TimeOther
HumanPeasant30 4000 014102-92145 
HumanFootman60 6000 2141063160 
HumanElven Archer40 50050 215103-96470 
HumanKnight / Paladin90250800100 415132-124190 
HumanBallista110 900300 019525-8008250Splash damage
HumanDwarven Demolition Squad40 750250 014111-621200Suicide 400 damage
HumanMage6025012000 019102-922120 
HumanGnomish Flying Machine150 500100 0191700165 
HumanGryphon Rider100 25000 016148-1604250Splash damage
HumanHuman Oil Tanker90 400250 0141000150 
HumanHuman Transport150 6002005000141000170 
HumanElven Destroyer100 7003507001018102-350490 
HumanHuman Battleship150 100050010001518650-13006140 
HumanGnomish Submarine60 800150800015710-5007100
OrcPeon30 4000 014102-92145 
OrcGrunt60 6000 2141063160 
OrcTroll Axethrower40 50050 215103-96470 
OrcOgre / Ogre Magi90250800100 415132-124190 
OrcCatapult110 900300 019525-8008250Splash damage
OrcGoblin Sappers40 750250 014111-621200Suicide 400 damage
OrcDeath Knight6025012000 019102-923120 
OrcGoblin Zeppelin150 500100 0191700165 
OrcDragon100 25000 016148-1604250Splash damage
OrcOrc Oil Tanker90 400250 0141000150 
OrcOrc Transport150 6002005000141000170 
OrcTroll Destroyer100 7003507001018102-350490 
OrcOgre Juggernaut150 100050010001518650-13006140 
OrcGiant Turtle60 800150800015710-5007100
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