Red Alert 2

Here you can find the Command & Conquer: Red Alert II unit statistics. The figures are including the expansion Yuri’s Revenge. You can find the cost, health and speed of the units. Also you can find which other units they are good against or bad against. You can sort the tables, or filter them with the search box.

UnitRaceClassCostHealthSpeedGood againstBad againstMore
Attack DogAllInfantry20015Infantry, SpyArmor, StructuresSpy detection and psychic immunity
EngineerAllInfantry50013StructuresEverything elseCapture buildings, repair, defuse TNT
MCVAllArmor300041--Can set up another Construction Yard
GIAlliesInfantry20033InfantryAir, DefensesCan set up sandbags
Guardian GIAlliesInfantry40041Armor, Aircraft, InfantryDefensesCan set up walls
RocketeerAlliesInfantry / Air60035Infantry, Armor, AirAnti-airFlying infantry
Navy SealAlliesInfantry100035Infantry, Navy, StructuresArmor, DefensesSwim, C4 charges on structures / ship
SniperAlliesInfantry60011InfantryArmor, AirLong range
SpyAlliesInfantry100013StructuresDogs, PsychicsInfiltrate structures
Chrono LegionaireAlliesInfantry150033Ground unitsNavy, AirCan teleport
TanyaAlliesInfantry / Hero150033Ground units, Structures, NavyDefensesCan swim, C4 charges on structures / ship / armor
Chrono MinerAlliesArmor140043--Gather resources, can teleport to refineries
Grizzly TankAlliesArmor70034Armor, StructuresInfantry, Air, Defenses-
Inf. Fighting VehicleAlliesArmor60025--Infantry inside can change weapon
Nighthawk TransportAlliesAir100035InfantryArmor, NavyCan carry infantry, does not show on radar
HarrierAlliesAir120035Armor, Infantry, StructuresDefensesMust return to HQ after attacking
Black EagleAlliesAir120045Armor, Infantry, StructuresDefensesMust return to HQ after attacking
Tank DestroyerAlliesArmor90033ArmorInfantry, Structures, Defenses-
Robot TankAlliesArmor60015Armor, PsychicsInfantryPsychic immunity, can cross water
Mirage TankAlliesArmor100033Infantry, ArmorDefensesWhen stationary, looks like a tree
Prism TankAlliesArmor1200043Armor, Infantry, DefensesAirAttack can spread to other nearby targets
Battle FortressAlliesArmor200051Ground unitsAirCan run over infantry and vehicles
DestroyerAlliesNavy100033Armor, Navy, SubAir, InfantryUses planes to attack underwater navy
Amphibious TransportAllNavy / Armor90033--Can carry vehicles and infantry over water & land
Aegis CruiserAlliesNavy120033AirNavy, ArmorCan only attack air
DolphinAlliesNavy / Sub50015Navy, SubLand units, AirCan get a Squid off its target
Aircraft CarrierAlliesNavy200041Armor, Defenses, StructuresNavy, AirHas 3 planes that attack and are rebuild
ConscriptSovietsInfantry10015InfantryArmor, Air, Defenses-
Tesla TrooperSovietsInfantry50041ArmorDefenses, AirCan charge Tesla Coils, increasing its power
Flak TrooperSovietsInfantry30031Air, InfantryArmor, Defenses-
Crazy IvanSovietsInfantry60011StructuresInfantry, ArmorCan plant bombs, also on friendly units
DesolatorSovietsInfantry60033InfantryArmor, Air, DefensesKills infantry with 1 hit, can make land radioactive
TerroristSovietsInfantry20013StructuresInfantry, DefensesSuicide unit
BorisSovietsInfantry / Hero150033Infantry, DefensesArmorCan call in an air strike against structures
War MinerSovietsArmor120043InfantryArmor, AirMore space than Chrono Miner and has a turret
Rhino TankSovietsArmor90042Armor, StructuresInfantry, Air, Defenses-
Flak TrackSovietsArmor50015Infantry, AirArmorCan carry 5 infantry
Terror DroneSovietsArmor50015Armor, InfantryDefensesPsychic immunity, will enter vehicles and destroy it
V3 RocketSovietsArmor80011DefensesArmor, AirLong range
Tesla TankSovietsArmor120033Infantry, ArmorDefenses, AirCan shoot through walls
Demolition TruckSovietsArmor150015StructuresArmor, AirSuicide unit, leaves radioactive field
Apocalypse TankSovietsArmor175051Armor, AirInfantry, DefensesShoots rockets against air
Siege ChopperSovietsAir110035Infantry, StructuresArmor, DefensesCan deploy and use artillery cannon
Kirov AirshipSovietsAir200041StructuresAircraft, Defenses-
Typhoon SubmarineSovietsNavy / Sub100033Navy, SubLand units-
Sea ScorpionSovietsNavy60015Air, InfantryNavy, Armor, Defenses-
Giant SquidSovietsNavy / Sub100033NavyAir, Land unitsGrabs a ship until it is destroyed
DreadnoughtSovietsNavy200041Armor, Defenses, StructuresNavy, AirLaunches two missiles
InitiateYuri'sInfantry20033InfantryArmor, Defenses-
BruteYuri'sInfantry50041Armor, Dogs, StructuresInfantry, DefensesMelee range, cannot be attacked by Dogs
VirusYuri'sInfantry70011InfantryArmor, DefensesLong range, victim leaves behind toxins
Yuri CloneYuri'sInfantry80013Infantry, ArmorDogs, Air, DefensesCan control units, can damage units with Psi Wave
Yuri PrimeYuri'sInfantry / Hero150035Infantry, Armor, DefensesDogs, AirCan control units / structures and use Psi Wave
Slave MinerYuri'sArmor175041InfantryArmor, AirCan set up near resources, has a gun when undeployed
Lasher TankYuri'sArmor70035Armor, StructuresInfantry, Defenses-
Gattling TankYuri'sArmor60015Infantry, AirArmor, DefensesAttack speed increases when firing
Chaos DroneYuri'sArmor100015Ground UnitsAir, NavyPsychic immunity, makes target go berserk
MagnetronYuri'sArmor100033Armor, Structures, DefensesInfantryCan pull vehicles
Master MindYuri'sArmor175043Infantry, ArmorRobots, Air, DefensesCan control up to three units at a time
Floating DiskYuri'sAir175043Infantry, Armor, AirAnti-airCan shut down structures when flying over it
Boomer SubmarineYuri'sNavy / Sub200043Navy, StructuresAir, NavySurfaces when firing missiles
CosmonautNeutralInfantry / Air60035Infantry, Armor, AirDefensesFlying infantry
Chrono CommandoNeutralInfantry200033InfantryArmor, Air, DefensesCan place C4 on structures, can teleport
Chrono IvanNeutralInfantry100033StructuresInfantry, ArmorCan plant bombs (also on friendly) and teleport
Psychic CommandoNeutralInfantry100033Infantry, ArmorAir, DefensesCan place C4 on structures, can create Psi Wave
CivilianNeutralInfantry-13InfantryEverything elseGreen ones and cowboys are armed
Freed SlaveNeutralInfantry-11PsychicsEverything elseCan attack with shovel
MiGNeutralAir-35Structures-Summoned by Boris' air strike
BusNeutralArmor-15--Can carry infantry
Hornet JetNeutralAir-15Defenses, Infantry, ArmorNavyCreated by carriers
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