Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game where you can catch Pokémon by walking outside. Here you can find the statistics for all the 151 Pokémon currently in the game. As of now, the CP says most of how strong the Pokemon is. The strongest Pokemon are usually the ones that have the highest CP increase per level. Height and weight have no influence on the stats, however an XL or XS Pokemon has certain benefits. XS has more chance to dodge an attack and XL a higher chance on a critical hit and a higher defense.

You can sort each column or filter on name or type by using the search bar. The stats are for GenI and GenII but detailed statistics of GenII are not yet available. We will update this soon!

#NameType1Type2StamATKDEFMAX CPMAX HPCapRateFleeRateHeightMovementTypeJumpTimeAttackTimeClassReqCandyFast movesSpecial Moves
001 Bulbasaur90118118981820.160.10.65JUMP1.1529NORMAL25Vine Whip, TackleSludge Bomb, Seed Bomb, Power Whip
002 Ivysaur1201511511,5521060.080.070.64JUMP1.58NORMAL100Razor Leaf, Vine WhipSludge Bomb, Solar Beam, Power Whip
003 Venusaur1601981982,5681380.040.051.03JUMP1.254NORMAL0Razor Leaf, Vine WhipSludge Bomb, Petal Blizzard, Solar Beam
004 Charmander7811696831730.160.10.47JUMP1.2510NORMAL25Ember, ScratchFlame Charge, Flame Burst, Flamethrower
005 Charmeleon1161581291,4841030.080.070.77JUMP18NORMAL100Ember, Scratch, Fire FangFire Punch, Flame Burst, Flamethrower
006 Charizard1562231762,6861350.040.051.01FLYING14NORMAL0Ember, Wing Attack, Fire Spin, Air SlashFire Blast, dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Overheat
007 Squirtle8894122808810.160.10.38JUMP129NORMAL25Bubble, TackleAqua Jet, Aqua Tail, water Pulse
008 Wartortle1181261551,3241050.080.070.63JUMP1.258NORMAL100water Gun, BiteAqua Jet, ice Beam, Hydro Pump
009 Blastoise1581712102,2911360.040.051.17JUMP1.255NORMAL0water Gun, BiteFlash Cannon, ice Beam, Hydro Pump
010 Caterpie905562393820.40.20.31JUMP029NORMAL12bug Bite, TackleStruggle
011 Metapod1004594419900.20.090.64JUMP13600NORMAL50bug Bite, TackleStruggle
012 Butterfree1201671511,7011060.10.060.56FLYING117NORMAL0bug Bite, Confusion, Struggle bugbug Buzz, psychic, Signal Beam
013 Weedle806355397750.40.20.21JUMP1.2529NORMAL12bug Bite, Poison StingStruggle
014 Kakuna904686392820.20.090.75JUMP03600NORMAL50bug Bite, Poison StingStruggle
015 Beedrill1301691501,7771140.10.060.58electric117NORMAL0bug Bite, Poison Jab, InfestationSludge Bomb, Aerial Ace, X Scissor
016 Pidgey808576580750.40.20.25JUMP1.429NORMAL12Quick Attack, TackleTwister, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter
017 Pidgeotto1261171081,0851110.20.090.69FLYING129NORMAL50Wing Attack, steel WingTwister, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter
018 Pidgeot1661661571,9941430.10.061.01FLYING117NORMAL0Wing Attack, steel Wing, Air SlashHurricane, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Brave Bird
019 Rattata6010370588590.40.20.25JUMP0.929NORMAL25Tackle, Quick AttackDig, Hyper Fang, Body Slam
020 Raticate1101611441,549980.160.070.58JUMP18NORMAL0Bite, Quick AttackDig, Hyper Fang, Hyper Beam
021 Spearow8011261673750.40.150.27JUMP1.2529NORMAL50Peck, Quick AttackAerial Ace, Drill Peck, Twister, Sky Attack
022 Fearow1301821351,8141140.160.070.63FLYING123NORMAL0Peck, steel WingAerial Ace, Drill Run, Twister, Sky Attack
023 Ekans70110102778670.40.150.35JUMP1.2510NORMAL50Poison Sting, AcidWrap, Sludge Bomb, Gunk Shot, Poison Fang
024 Arbok1201671581,7371060.160.071.35JUMP18NORMAL0Bite, Aciddark Pulse, Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot
025 Pikachu70112101787670.160.10.52STATIC129NORMAL50Thunder Shock, Quick AttackDischarge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Wild Charge
026 Raichu1201931652,0251060.080.060.54JUMP1.2517NORMAL0Thunder Shock, Spark, Volt SwitchBrick Break, Thunder Punch, Thunder, Wild Charge
027 Sandshrew1001261451,194900.40.10.48JUMP123NORMAL50Scratch, Mud ShotDig, rock Slide, rock Tomb, Sand Tomb
028 Sandslash1501822022,3281300.160.060.9JUMP14NORMAL0Metal Claw, Mud ShotEarthquake, rock Tomb, Bulldoze
029 Nidoran?1108694736980.40.150.37JUMP1.2510NORMAL25Bite, Poison StingPoison Fang, Body Slam, Sludge Bomb
030 Nidorina1401171261,2181220.20.070.58JUMP18NORMAL100Bite, Poison StingPoison Fang, Dig, Sludge Bomb
031 Nidoqueen1801801742,3381540.10.050.8JUMP15NORMAL0Poison Jab, BiteEarthquake, Sludge Wave, Stone Edge
032 Nidoran?9210576739840.40.150.31JUMP110NORMAL25Peck, Poison StingHorn Attack, Body Slam, Sludge Bomb
033 Nidorino1221371121,2521080.20.070.59JUMP18NORMAL100Poison Jab, Poison StingHorn Attack, Dig, Sludge Bomb
034 Nidoking1622041572,3861390.10.050.87JUMP15NORMAL0Poison Jab, Fury Cutter, Iron TailEarthquake, Sludge Wave, Megahorn
035 Clefairy1401071161,0851220.240.10.75STATIC1.2523NORMAL50Pound, Zen HeadbuttDisarming Voice, Body Slam, Moonblast
036 Clefable1901781712,3531620.080.061.11JUMP1.2511NORMAL0Pound, Zen Headbutt, Charge BeamDazzling Gleam, psychic, Moonblast
037 Vulpix7696122774710.240.10.63JUMP129NORMAL50Quick Attack, EmberBody Slam, Flamethrower, Flame Charge
038 Ninetales1461692042,1571270.080.060.96JUMP1.2514NORMAL0Feint Attack, Ember, Fire SpinHeat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat, Solar Beam
039 Jigglypuff23080447131930.40.10.64STATIC329NORMAL50Pound, Feint AttackPlay Rough, Disarming Voice, Body Slam, Dazzling Gleam, Gyro Ball
040 Wigglytuff280156931,9062330.160.060.89JUMP1.2511NORMAL0Pound, Feint AttackDazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam, Play Rough
041 Zubat808376569750.40.20.05FLYING129NORMAL50Quick Attack, BitePoison Fang, Air Cutter, Sludge Bomb, Swift
042 Golbat1501611531,8301300.160.070.04FLYING117NORMAL0Wing Attack, BitePoison Fang, Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball
043 Oddish901311161,069820.480.150.51JUMP129NORMAL25Razor Leaf, AcidSeed Bomb, Sludge Bomb, Moonblast
044 Gloom1201531391,5121060.240.070.88JUMP123NORMAL100Razor Leaf, AcidPetal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb, Moonblast
045 Vileplume1502021702,3671300.120.051.2JUMP14NORMAL0Razor Leaf, AcidPetal Blizzard, Solar Beam, Moonblast
046 Paras7012199836670.320.150.32JUMP1.110NORMAL50Scratch, bug BiteCross Poison, X Scissor, Seed Bomb
047 Parasect1201651461,6571060.160.071.01JUMP1.256NORMAL0bug Bite, Fury Cutter, Struggle bugCross Poison, X Scissor, Solar Beam
048 Venonat1201001029021060.40.150.71JUMP1.2529NORMAL50bug Bite, ConfusionPsybeam, Poison Fang, Signal Beam
049 Venomoth1401791501,9371220.160.070.72FLYING117NORMAL0bug Bite, Confusion, InfestationPoison Fang, psychic, bug Buzz, Silver Wind
050 Diglett2010988465270.40.10.4STATIC010NORMAL50Mud Shot, Mud Slap, ScratchDig, Mud Bomb, rock Tomb
051 Dugtrio701671471,333670.160.060.84STATIC010NORMAL0Sucker Punch, Mud Shot, Mud SlapEarthquake, Mud Bomb, Stone Edge
052 Meowth809281638750.40.150.4JUMP110NORMAL50Scratch, BiteNight Slash, dark Pulse, Body Slam, Foul Play
053 Persian1301501391,5391140.160.070.62JUMP1.2523NORMAL0Scratch, Feint AttackNight Slash, Power Gem, Play Rough, Foul Play
054 Psyduck10012296966900.40.10.61JUMP129NORMAL50water Gun, Zen HeadbuttPsybeam, Aqua Tail, Cross Chop
055 Golduck1601911632,2701380.160.060.81JUMP114NORMAL0water Gun, Confusionpsychic, Hydro Pump, ice Beam
056 Mankey80148871,002750.40.10.64JUMP110NORMAL50Karate Chop, ScratchCross Chop, Low Sweep, Brick Break
057 Primeape1302071442,1051140.160.061.1JUMP16NORMAL0Low Kick, Karate Chop, CounterCross Chop, Low Sweep, Night Slash, Close Combat
058 Growlithe110136961,110980.240.10.58JUMP129NORMAL50Ember, BiteFlame Wheel, Body Slam, Flamethrower
059 Arcanine1802271662,8391540.080.060.74JUMP1.2511NORMAL0Fire Fang, Bite, SnarlFire Blast, Flamethrower, Bulldoze, Wild Charge, Crunch
060 Poliwag8010182695750.40.150.75JUMP129NORMAL25Bubble, Mud ShotBubble Beam, Mud Bomb, Body Slam
061 Poliwhirl1301301301,3131140.20.070.88JUMP0.823NORMAL100Bubble, Mud ShotScald, Mud Bomb, Bubble Beam, water Pulse
062 Poliwrath1801821872,4411540.10.051.12JUMP1.054NORMAL0Bubble, Mud Shot, rock SmashHydro Pump, Submission, ice Punch, Dynamic Punch
063 Abra501951031,148510.40.990.56psychic110NORMAL25Zen Headbutt, Charge BeamPsyshock, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball
064 Kadabra802321381,859750.20.070.89JUMP1.2517NORMAL100Psycho Cut, ConfusionPsybeam, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball
065 Alakazam1102711942,887980.10.050.94JUMP111NORMAL0Psycho Cut, Confusionpsychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Futuresight, Focus Blast
066 Machop140137881,1991220.40.10.55JUMP18NORMAL25Low Kick, Karate Chop, rock SmashLow Sweep, Brick Break, Cross Chop
067 Machoke1601771301,9101380.20.071.09JUMP15NORMAL100Low Kick, Karate ChopSubmission, Brick Break, Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch
068 Machamp1802341622,8891540.10.051.25JUMP13NORMAL0Bullet Punch, Karate Chop, CounterStone Edge, Submission, Cross Chop, Heavy Slam, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat
069 Bellsprout10013964916900.40.150.45JUMP1.229NORMAL25Vine Whip, AcidPower Whip, Sludge Bomb, Wrap
070 Weepinbell130172951,4751140.20.070.95HOVERING123NORMAL100Razor Leaf, Acid, Bullet SeedPower Whip, Sludge Bomb, Seed Bomb
071 Victreebel1602071382,2681380.10.051.43HOVERING15NORMAL0Razor Leaf, AcidLeaf Blade, Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam
072 Tentacool8097182956750.40.150.92HOVERING18NORMAL50Bubble, Poison StingBubble Beam, water Pulse, Wrap
073 Tentacruel1601662372,3741380.160.071.23HOVERING14NORMAL0Acid, Poison JabHydro Pump, Sludge Wave, Blizzard
074 Geodude801321631,193750.40.10.13HOVERING123NORMAL25rock Throw, Tacklerock Slide, rock Tomb, Dig
075 Graveler1101641961,815980.20.070.7JUMP1.25NORMAL100rock Throw, Mud Shot, Mud SlapDig, Stone Edge, rock Slide, rock Blast
076 Golem1602112292,9161380.10.051.09JUMP1.23NORMAL0rock Throw, Mud Shot, Mud SlapStone Edge, Ancient Power, Earthquake, rock Blast
077 Ponyta1001701321,502900.320.10.63JUMP0.9523NORMAL50Tackle, EmberFlame Charge, Flame Wheel, Fire Blast, Stomp
078 Rapidash1302071672,2521140.120.060.89JUMP117NORMAL0Low Kick, Ember, Fire SpinFire Blast, Drill Run, Heat Wave
079 Slowpoke1801091091,2041540.40.10.51JUMP123NORMAL50water Gun, Confusionwater Pulse, Psyshock, psychic
080 Slowbro1901771942,4821620.160.060.85JUMP18NORMAL0water Gun, Confusionwater Pulse, psychic, ice Beam
081 Magnemite501651281,083510.40.10.46electric123NORMAL50Spark, Thunder ShockDischarge, Magnet Bomb, Thunderbolt
082 Magneton1002231822,237900.160.060.82electric114NORMAL0Spark, Thunder Shock, Charge BeamDischarge, Magnet Bomb, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon
083 Farfetch'd1041241181,092940.240.090.42JUMP1.2510NORMAL0Cut, Fury Cutter, Air SlashAerial Ace, Air Cutter, Leaf Blade
084 Doduo70158881,011670.40.11.23JUMP129NORMAL50Peck, Quick AttackDrill Peck, Aerial Ace, Swift, Brave Bird
085 Dodrio1202181452,1381060.160.061.29JUMP1.2517NORMAL0Feint Attack, steel WingDrill Peck, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Brave Bird
086 Seel130851288991140.40.090.41JUMP0.929NORMAL50water Gun, ice Shard, LickAqua Jet, Icy Wind, Aqua Tail, Aurora Beam
087 Dewgong1801391841,8941540.160.060.63HOVERING114NORMAL0Frost Breath, ice Shard, Iron TailIcy Wind, Aqua Jet, Blizzard, Aurora Beam, water Pulse
088 Grimer160135901,2691380.40.10.83JUMP18NORMAL50Acid, Poison Jab, Mud SlapSludge, Mud Bomb, Sludge Bomb
089 Muk2101901842,7091770.160.060.57JUMP1.253NORMAL0Acid, Lick, Poison Jab, Infestationdark Pulse, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave
090 Shellder60116168958590.40.10.5JUMP1.28NORMAL50ice Shard, TackleBubble Beam, water Pulse, Icy Wind
091 Cloyster1001863232,475900.160.061.05HOVERING18NORMAL0Frost Breath, ice ShardIcy Wind, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Aurora Beam, Avalanche
092 Gastly60186701,002590.320.10.6psychic110NORMAL25Lick, Sucker Punch, AstonishOminous Wind, dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Night Shade
093 Haunter902231121,716820.160.071.16psychic18NORMAL100Shadow Claw, Lick, AstonishShadow Ball, dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Punch
094 Gengar1202611562,6191060.080.051.09JUMP1.35NORMAL0Sucker Punch, Shadow Claw, HexShadow Ball, dark Pulse, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast
095 Onix70852881,002670.160.091.17JUMP16NORMAL0rock Throw, Tacklerock Slide, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Sand Tomb, Heavy Slam
096 Drowzee120891589921060.40.10.63JUMP1.2523NORMAL50Pound, ConfusionPsybeam, Psyshock, psychic
097 Hypno1701442152,0481460.160.060.83JUMP0.84NORMAL0Zen Headbutt, ConfusionPsyshock, psychic, Shadow Ball, Futuresight, Focus Blast
098 Krabby601811561,386590.40.150.87JUMP18NORMAL50Bubble, Mud ShotVice Grip, Bubble Beam, water Pulse
099 Kingler1102402142,694980.160.071JUMP0.83NORMAL0Metal Claw, Mud Shot, BubbleVice Grip, X Scissor, water Pulse
100 Voltorb80109114857750.40.10.68JUMP1.229NORMAL50Spark, TackleDischarge, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Gyro Ball
101 Electrode1201731791,9001060.160.061.1JUMP1.223NORMAL0Spark, Tackle, Volt SwitchDischarge, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam
102 Exeggcute1201071401,1021060.40.10.41JUMP123NORMAL50Confusion, Bullet SeedSeed Bomb, psychic, Ancient Power
103 Exeggutor1902331582,9161620.160.061.37JUMP13NORMAL0Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Bullet Seed, ExtrasensorySeed Bomb, psychic, Solar Beam
104 Cubone10090165943900.320.10.37JUMP123NORMAL50Mud Slap, rock SmashBone Club, Dig, Bulldoze
105 Marowak1201442001,6911060.120.060.75JUMP0.855NORMAL0Mud Slap, rock SmashBone Club, Dig, Earthquake
106 Hitmonlee1002242112,406900.160.091.25JUMP0.84NORMAL0Low Kick, rock SmashStomp, Low Sweep, Stone Edge, Brick Break, Close Combat
107 Hitmonchan1001932122,098900.160.091.02JUMP1.15NORMAL0Bullet Punch, rock Smash, CounterFire Punch, ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Brick Break, Close Combat
108 Lickitung1801081371,3221540.160.090.92JUMP1.258NORMAL0Lick, Zen HeadbuttHyper Beam, Stomp, Power Whip
109 Koffing801191641,091750.40.10.66FLYING123NORMAL50Acid, Tackle, InfestationSludge, Sludge Bomb, dark Pulse
110 Weezing1301742212,1831140.160.060.74FLYING111NORMAL0Acid, Tackle, InfestationSludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, dark Pulse
111 Rhyhorn1601401571,6791380.40.10.85JUMP1.255NORMAL50Mud Slap, rock SmashBulldoze, Horn Attack, Stomp
112 Rhydon2102222063,3001770.160.061.18JUMP13NORMAL0Mud Slap, rock SmashMegahorn, Earthquake, Stone Edge
113 Chansey500601761,4694070.160.091.06JUMP18NORMAL0Pound, Zen Headbuttpsychic, Psybeam, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam
114 Tangela1301832052,2081140.320.090.9JUMP1.2511NORMAL0Vine Whip, InfestationPower Whip, Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam, grass Knot
115 Kangaskhan2101811652,4631770.160.091.26JUMP0.74NORMAL0Mud Slap, Low KickBrick Break, Earthquake, Stomp, Crunch, Outrage
116 Horsea60129125921590.40.10.44HOVERING129NORMAL50water Gun, BubbleBubble Beam, dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon
117 Seadra1101871821,979980.160.060.46HOVERING117NORMAL0water Gun, dragon BreathBlizzard, dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam
118 Goldeen901231151,006820.40.150.17HOVERING129NORMAL50Peck, Mud Shotwater Pulse, Horn Attack, Aqua Tail
119 Seaking1601751542,0401380.160.070.04HOVERING15NORMAL0Peck, Poison JabIcy Wind, Drill Run, Megahorn, ice Beam, water Pulse
120 Staryu60137112926590.40.150.88JUMP1.3529NORMAL50Quick Attack, water Gun, TackleSwift, Bubble Beam, Power Gem
121 Starmie1202101842,3031060.160.061.07JUMP1.617NORMAL0Quick Attack, water Gun, Tackle, Hidden PowerHydro Pump, Power Gem, Psybeam, psychic
122 Mr. Mime801922331,984750.240.090.67JUMP114NORMAL0Confusion, Zen HeadbuttPsybeam, psychic, Shadow Ball
123 Scyther1402181702,4641220.240.091FLYING15NORMAL0Fury Cutter, steel Wing, Air SlashNight Slash, X Scissor, bug Buzz, Aerial Ace
124 Jynx1302231822,5121140.240.090.87JUMP1.2511NORMAL0Frost Breath, Pound, ConfusionDraining Kiss, ice Punch, Psyshock, Avalanche
125 Electabuzz1301981732,1961140.240.090.74JUMP117NORMAL0Thunder Shock, Low KickThunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Thunder
126 Magmar1302061692,2541140.240.090.88JUMP1.255NORMAL0Ember, Karate ChopFire Blast, Fire Punch, Flamethrower
127 Pinsir1302381972,7701140.240.090.87JUMP1.253NORMAL0rock Smash, Fury Cutter, bug BiteVice Grip, X Scissor, Submission, Close Combat
128 Tauros1501981972,4881300.240.091.2JUMP1.211NORMAL0Tackle, Zen HeadbuttHorn Attack, Iron Head, Earthquake
129 Magikarp4029102220430.560.150.48JUMP1.33600NORMAL400SplashStruggle
130 Gyarados1902371973,2811620.080.070.48HOVERING13NORMAL0dragon Breath, Bite, dragon TailHydro Pump, Twister, dragon Pulse, Crunch, Outrage
131 Lapras2601651802,6032170.160.090.7JUMP1.28NORMAL0Frost Breath, ice Shard, water Gundragon Pulse, ice Beam, Blizzard, Hydro Pump
132 Ditto969191718870.160.10.52JUMP13600NORMAL0PoundStruggle
133 Eevee110104121969980.320.10.34JUMP1.3529NORMAL25Quick Attack, TackleDig, Swift, Body Slam
134 Vaporeon2602051773,1572170.120.060.52JUMP18NORMAL0water Gunwater Pulse, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail
135 Jolteon1302322012,7301140.120.060.55JUMP1.311NORMAL0Thunder Shock, Volt SwitchDischarge, Thunderbolt, Thunder
136 Flareon1302462042,9041140.120.060.52JUMP1.358NORMAL0Ember, Fire SpinFire Blast, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Overheat
137 Porygon1301531391,5671140.320.090.55HOVERING123NORMAL0Quick Attack, Zen Headbutt, Tackle, Charge Beam, Hidden PowerPsybeam, Signal Beam, Discharge, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon
138 Omanyte701551741,345670.320.090.59JUMP1.323NORMAL50water Gun, Mud ShotAncient Power, Brine, rock Tomb, Bubble Beam, rock Blast
139 Omastar1402072272,6851220.120.050.9JUMP1.258NORMAL0rock Throw, Mud Shot, water GunAncient Power, Hydro Pump, rock Slide, rock Blast
140 Kabuto601481621,172590.320.090.51JUMP0.923NORMAL50Scratch, Mud ShotAncient Power, Aqua Jet, rock Tomb
141 Kabutops1202202032,5171060.120.050.91JUMP14NORMAL0Mud Shot, Fury Cutter, rock SmashAncient Power, water Pulse, Stone Edge
142 Aerodactyl1602211642,6081380.160.091FLYING114NORMAL0steel Wing, BiteAncient Power, Iron Head, Hyper Beam
143 Snorlax3201901903,3552640.160.091.11JUMP18NORMAL0Zen Headbutt, LickBody Slam, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Heavy Slam
144 Articuno1801922492,93315400.10.66FLYING18LEGENDARY0Frost Breathice Beam, Icy Wind, Blizzard
145 Zapdos1802531883,33015400.10.76electric18LEGENDARY0Charge Beam, Volt SwitchZap Cannon, Thunderbolt, Thunder
146 Moltres1802511843,27215400.10.93FLYING18LEGENDARY0Fire SpinFire Blast, Heat Wave, Overheat
147 Dratini8211994860760.320.090.56JUMP0.8529NORMAL25dragon Breath, Iron TailWrap, Twister, Aqua Tail
148 dragonair1221631381,6091080.080.061.13JUMP1.2523NORMAL100dragon Breath, Iron TailWrap, Aqua Tail, dragon Pulse
149 dragonite1822632013,5811550.040.051.05FLYING18NORMAL0dragon Breath, steel Wing, dragon Taildragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, dragon Claw, Hurricane, Outrage
150 Mewtwo2123302004,76017900.11.18JUMP1.23LEGENDARY0Psycho Cut, Confusionpsychic, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Focus Blast
151 Mew2002102103,09016900.10.56psychic18MYTHIC0PoundBlizzard, Earthquake, psychic, Focus Blast, Thunder, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam
152 Chikorita9092122801820.320.05    NORMAL25Vine Whip, TackleEnergy Ball, grass Knot, Body Slam
153 Bayleef1201221551,296106      NORMAL100Razor Leaf, TackleEnergy Ball, grass Knot, Ancient Power
154 Meganium1601682022,227138      NORMAL0Razor Leaf, Vine WhipPetal Blizzard, Solar Beam, Earthquake
155 Cyndaquil781169683173      NORMAL25Ember, TackleFlame Charge, Swift, Flamethrower
156 Quilava1161581291,484103      NORMAL100Ember, TackleFlame Charge, Dig, Flamethrower
157 Typhlosion1562231762,686135      NORMAL0Ember, Shadow ClawFire Blast, Overheat, Solar Beam
158 Totodile1001171161,01190      NORMAL25water Gun, ScratchCrunch, Aqua Jet, water Pulse
159 Croconaw1301501511,598114      NORMAL100water Gun, ScratchCrunch, ice Punch, water Pulse
160 Feraligatr1702051972,721146      NORMAL0water Gun, BiteCrunch, Hydro Pump, ice Beam
161 Sentret70797751967      NORMAL Scratch, Quick AttackDig, Brick Break, grass Knot
162 Furret1701481301,667146      NORMAL Quick Attack, Sucker PunchDig, Brick Break, Hyper Beam
163 Hoothoot12067101640106      NORMAL Feint Attack, PeckAerial Ace, Sky Attack, Night Shade
164 Noctowl2001451792,040169      NORMAL Wing Attack, Extrasensorypsychic, Sky Attack, Night Shade
165 Ledyba807214266375      NORMAL Tackle, bug BiteSilver Wind, Swift, Aerial Ace
166 Ledian1101072091,27598      NORMAL Struggle bug, bug Bitebug Buzz, Silver Wind, Aerial Ace
167 Spinarak801057368575      NORMAL Poison Sting, bug BiteNight Slash, Signal Beam, Cross Poison
168 Ariados1401611281,636122      NORMAL Poison Sting, InfestationShadow Sneak, Megahorn, Cross Poison
169 Crobat1701941782,466146      NORMAL Air Slash, BiteShadow Ball, Air Cutter, Sludge Bomb
170 Chinchou1501061061,067130      NORMAL Bubble, Sparkwater Pulse, Thunderbolt, Bubble Beam
171 Lanturn2501461462,077209      NORMAL water Gun, Charge BeamHydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Thunder
172 Pichu40776337643      NORMAL Thunder Shock, Quick AttackThunderbolt, Disarming Voice, Thunder Punch
173 Cleffa100759162090      NORMAL Pound, Zen Headbuttgrass Knot, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Body Slam, psychic
174 Igglybuff1806934512154      NORMAL Pound, Feint AttackWild Charge, Shadow Ball, psychic, Body Slam
175 Togepi706711654067      NORMAL Hidden Power, Peck, Zen HeadbuttAncient Power, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam
176 Togetic1101391911,54398      NORMAL Extrasensory, Hidden Power, Zen Headbutt, steel WingAncient Power, Dazzling Gleam, Aerial Ace
177 Natu801348992575      NORMAL Peck, Quick AttackNight Shade, Psyshock, Drill Peck
178 Xatu1301921461,975114      NORMAL Air Slash, Feint AttackOminous Wind, Futuresight, Aerial Ace
179 Mareep1101148288798      NORMAL Tackle, Thunder ShockBody Slam, Thunderbolt, Discharge
180 Flaaffy1401451121,402122      NORMAL Tackle, Charge BeamPower Gem, Thunderbolt, Discharge
181 Ampharos1802111722,695154      NORMAL Charge Beam, Volt SwitchZap Cannon, Focus Blast, Thunder
182 Bellossom1501691892,108130      NORMAL Razor Leaf, AcidLeaf Blade, Petal Blizzard, Dazzling Gleam
183 Marill1403793420122      NORMAL Tackle, BubbleBubble Beam, Aqua Tail, Body Slam
184 Azumarill2001121521,503169      NORMAL rock Smash, BubblePlay Rough, Hydro Pump, ice Beam
185 Sudowoodo1401671982,065122      NORMAL rock Throw, CounterStone Edge, Earthquake, rock Slide
186 Politoed1801741922,371154      NORMAL Mud Shot, BubbleHydro Pump, Blizzard, Earthquake
187 Hoppip706710150867      NORMAL Tackle, Bullet Seedgrass Knot, Dazzling Gleam, Seed Bomb
188 Skiploom1109112788298      NORMAL Tackle, Bullet Seedgrass Knot, Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball
189 Jumpluff1501181971,553130      NORMAL Infestation, Bullet SeedEnergy Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Solar Beam
190 Aipom1101361121,18898      NORMAL Scratch, AstonishLow Sweep, Swift, Aerial Ace
191 Sunkern60555531659      NORMAL Razor Leaf, CutEnergy Ball, grass Knot, Seed Bomb
192 Sunflora1501851482,048130      NORMAL Razor Leaf, Bullet SeedSolar Beam, Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb
193 Yanma130154941,326114      NORMAL Quick Attack, Wing AttackAncient Power, Aerial Ace, Silver Wind
194 Wooper110757559698      NORMAL water Gun, Mud ShotMud Bomb, Dig, Body Slam
195 Quagsire1901521521,929162      NORMAL water Gun, Mud ShotSludge Bomb, Earthquake, Stone Edge
196 Espeon1302611943,000114      NORMAL Confusion, Zen HeadbuttPsybeam, psychic, Futuresight
197 Umbreon1901262502,052162      NORMAL Feint Attack, Snarldark Pulse, Foul Play
198 Murkrow120175871,392106      NORMAL Peck, Feint AttackDrill Peck, Foul Play, dark Pulse
199 Slowking1901771942,482162      NORMAL water Gun, ConfusionBlizzard, psychic, Fire Blast
200 Misdreavus1201671671,781106      NORMAL Astonish, HexShadow Sneak, dark Pulse, Ominous Wind
201 Unown96136911,02287      NORMAL Hidden PowerStruggle
202 Wobbuffet380601061,024312      NORMAL Counter, SplashMirror Coat
203 Girafarig1401821331,863122      NORMAL Tackle, Confusionpsychic, Thunderbolt, Mirror Coat
204 Pineco1001081461,04590      NORMAL Tackle, bug BiteGyro Ball, rock Tomb, Sand Tomb
205 Forretress1501612422,263130      NORMAL bug Bite, Struggle bugHeavy Slam, Earthquake, rock Tomb
206 Dunsparce2001311311,615169      NORMAL Bite, AstonishDig, rock Slide, Drill Run
207 Gligar1301432041,758114      NORMAL Fury Cutter, Wing AttackDig, Aerial Ace, Night Slash
208 steelix1501483332,439130      NORMAL Iron Tail, dragon TailEarthquake, Heavy Slam, Crunch
209 Snubbull120137891,124106      NORMAL Tackle, BiteCrunch, Dazzling Gleam, Brick Break
210 Granbull1802121372,440154      NORMAL Bite, SnarlCrunch, Play Rough, Close Combat
211 Qwilfish1301841481,910114      NORMAL Poison Sting, water GunAqua Tail, ice Beam, Sludge Wave
212 Scizor1402361912,801122      NORMAL Bullet Punch, Fury CutterX Scissor, Iron Head, Night Slash
213 Shuckle401739630043      NORMAL Struggle bug, rock Throwrock Blast, Stone Edge, Gyro Ball
214 Heracross1602341892,938138      NORMAL Counter, Struggle bugMegahorn, Close Combat, Earthquake
215 Sneasel1101891571,86898      NORMAL ice Shard, Feint AttackAvalanche, ice Punch, Foul Play
216 Teddiursa120142931,184106      NORMAL Scratch, LickCross Chop, Crunch, Play Rough
217 Ursaring1802361442,760154      NORMAL Metal Claw, CounterClose Combat, Hyper Beam, Play Rough
218 Slugma801187175075      NORMAL Ember, rock ThrowFlame Burst, Flame Charge, rock Slide
219 Magcargo1001392091,54390      NORMAL Ember, rock ThrowHeat Wave, Overheat, Stone Edge
220 Swinub100907466390      NORMAL Tackle, Powder SnowIcy Wind, Body Slam, rock Slide
221 Piloswine2001811472,284169      NORMAL ice Shard, Powder SnowAvalanche, Bulldoze, Stone Edge
222 Corsola1101181561,21498      NORMAL Tackle, Bubblerock Blast, Power Gem, Bubble Beam
223 Remoraid701276974967      NORMAL water Gun, Mud ShotAurora Beam, water Pulse, rock Blast
224 Octillery1501971412,124130      NORMAL water Gun, Mud ShotGunk Shot, water Pulse, Aurora Beam
225 Delibird901289093782      NORMAL ice Shard, Quick Attackice Punch, Icy Wind, Aerial Ace
226 Mantine1301482602,032114      NORMAL Bubble, Wing Attackwater Pulse, ice Beam, Aerial Ace
227 Skarmory1301482602,032114      NORMAL steel Wing, Air SlashBrave Bird, Sky Attack, Flash Cannon
228 Houndour90152931,11082      NORMAL Feint Attack, EmberCrunch, Flamethrower, dark Pulse
229 Houndoom1502241592,529130      NORMAL Snarl, Fire FangCrunch, Fire Blast, Foul Play
230 Kingdra1501941942,424130      NORMAL water Gun, dragon BreathHydro Pump, Blizzard, Outrage
231 Phanpy1801071071,175154      NORMAL Tackle, rock SmashBulldoze, rock Slide, Body Slam
232 Donphan1802142143,022154      NORMAL Tackle, CounterEarthquake, Heavy Slam, Play Rough
233 Porygon21701981832,546146      NORMAL Hidden Power, Charge BeamSolar Beam, Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon
234 Stantler1461921321,988127      NORMAL Tackle, Zen HeadbuttStomp, Wild Charge, Megahorn
235 Smeargle110408838998      NORMAL TackleStruggle
236 Tyrogue70646440467      NORMAL rock Smash, TackleBrick Break, rock Slide, Low Sweep
237 Hitmontop1001732141,90590      NORMAL rock Smash, CounterClose Combat, Gyro Ball, Stone Edge
238 Smoochum901531161,23082      NORMAL Frost Breath, Powder Snow, Poundice Beam, ice Punch, Psyshock
239 Elekid901351101,07382      NORMAL Thunder Shock, Low KickThunder Punch, Brick Break, Discharge, Thunderbolt
240 Magby901511081,17882      NORMAL Ember, Karate ChopBrick Break, Fire Punch, Flame Burst, Flamethrower
241 Miltank1901572112,312162      NORMAL Tackle, Zen HeadbuttStomp, Body Slam, Gyro Ball
242 Blissey5101292293,219414      NORMAL Pound, Zen Headbuttpsychic, Hyper Beam, Dazzling Gleam
243 Raikou1802412103,349154      LEGENDARY Thunder Shock, Volt SwitchThunder, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge
244 Entei2302351763,377193      LEGENDARY Fire Spin, Fire FangFlamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat
245 Suicune2001802352,823169      LEGENDARY Extrasensory, SnarlHydro Pump, Bubble Beam, water Pulse
246 Larvitar1001159390490      NORMAL Bite, rock SmashStomp, Crunch, Ancient Power
247 Pupitar1401551331,608122      NORMAL Bite, rock SmashDig, Crunch, Ancient Power
248 Tyranitar2002512123,670169      NORMAL Bite, Iron TailFire Blast, Crunch, Stone Edge
249 Lugia2121933233,598179      LEGENDARY Extrasensory, dragon TailSky Attack, Hydro Pump, Futuresight
250 Ho-Oh2122633014,650179      LEGENDARY Extrasensory, steel WingBrave Bird, Fire Blast, Solar Beam
251 Celebi2002102103,090169      MYTHIC Confusion, Charge BeamHyper Beam, psychic, Dazzling Gleam
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