world of warcraft hero statistics

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG. There are 11 hero types you can pick, each with different stats. The five primary attributes are agility, intellect, spirit, stamina and strength. These five attributes along with armor appear on the character info under "Attributes". These are often referred to as simply stats. Here you can find the stats at level 1, level 50 and level 100.

- Strength increases attack power with melee weapons: Warriors, death knights, paladins, mages, priests and warlocks gain 1 melee attack power per point of strength. Druids gain 2 melee attack power per point of strength.
- Agility increases attack power with ranged weapons. Hunters gain 1 ranged attack power for each point of agility. Rogues, shamans and druids in Cat Form and Bear Form gain 1 melee attack power per point of agility. Increases chance to dodge attacks except death knights, paladins and warriors.
- Intellect increases spell power by 1 per point at level 80 or above. Intellect is now the main source of spell power for most cases. Intellect in Mist of Pandora will not affect the mana pool.
- Stamina provides 1 health per stamina for the first 20 points of stamina, and 10 health per point of stamina thereafter. Stamina also increases the health of a player's pet.
- Spirit increases in-combat mana regeneration for healers. It's the primary attribute for mana regeneration of healers. Adds 1 spell hit rating per point for shadow priests, elemental shaman and balance druids.

CharacterStrength (Lvl1)Agility (Lvl1)Stamina (Lvl1)Intellect (Lvl1)Spirit (Lvl1)Strength (Lvl50)Agility (Lvl50)Stamina (Lvl50)Intellect (Lvl50)Spirit (Lvl50)Strength (Lvl100)Agility (Lvl100)Stamina (Lvl100)Intellect (Lvl100)Spirit (Lvl100)
Death Knight1713117715111293596614551071890569640